About Us

Rec. Out is a brand new Polish label that intends to spread it sonic message far beyond its homeland’s borders.Despite the fact that the main focus of the label are to be contemporary electronic beats, such diverse genres as nu jazz, breaks, and experimental will too find a home on the label.

We intend to represent, first and foremost, homegrown talent. However,
this in no way means that international artists will not be invited to take
part in the project, seeing as how the global village and many foreign contacts
have made this more plausible and easier than ever.

Additionally, thanks to cordial relations with the Music Extremer website,
we have access to solid digital distribution, making our music readily available at
all the major online music store.

Our main, and quite possibly only, aim is for our label to become a sort of snapshot of where the Polish scene is musically at the present time.


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